St Nicholas Abbey

St Nicholas Abbey in Barbados, West Indies is a heritage tourism attraction. The estate has an historical residence and old sugar factory set in 225 acres of sugar cane.

st nicholas abbey aerial view

The owner of the estate Larry Warren has plans to establish a sugar-based cottage industry on the estate. He is planning to bottle rum, sugar cane juice, molasses and syrup at the property.

Mr Warren is trying to source a small sugar factory suitable for producing approximately 600 tons of sugar in a four month crushing season. He already has a George Fletcher mill from the late 19th century, the mill has rollers of 18" dia × 36" driven by a steam engine of about 20 to 30 HP.

old fletcher mill

The existing factory building is part of a heritage project, and so Mr Warren would prefer equipment of that era or at least pre war WW II which could be refurbished and shipped to Barbados after being surveyed and estimated for refurbishment. If you are able to help with equipment for this project please contact Mr Warren by email